Les formations en langues pour l’hôtellerie de luxe

We have also developped a relationship with Concierges for a very unique service: providing French courses to high end tourists who not only want to visit or shop around Paris but want to acquire our language as well. This entails mixing an academic with a reality based approach: courses don’t take place in a classroom but in front of La Tour Eiffel or Notre Dame! And learning colors and taste is easier at Ladurée or Pierre Hermé.

we can pretty much draw a  real language-correlated map of the hotels in Paris. Around the Champs Elysées Arabic-speaking tourists come first, along with Russians. In the Saint Germain and Marais neighborhoods,  you can easily encounter English speaking tourists.

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Notre programme d'espagnol dédié à l'hôtellerie

Notre programme d'anglais dédié à l'hôtellerie

Notre programme de russe dédié à l'hôtellerie

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